Ranch Riding Information

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Flying B Ranch and Horse Motel - Ranch Riding - Dressage Area, Round Pen

“Dressage Area, Round Pen”

When the Flying B Ranch was initially developed from its original five acre origin, all pasture fencing was built from 15 to 30+ feet inside the property boundary lines, thus establishing a continuous “perimeter trail” for horseback riding. As the ranch expanded to 20 acres, and then to today’s total of 33 acres, this concept of “perimeter trail” was continued to where, today, riders at the Flying B Ranch can maneuver their horses on different “perimeter trails” for 2+ miles of unimpeded riding right here on the ranch property. A small portion of this “perimeter trail” is on a shell/roadbed base, but most of it is across flat to slightly mounded grass fields on a soft sand base. All fencing on the ranch is good quality horse wire with a solid wooden top board – absolutely no barbed wire exists on Flying B Ranch property.

Flying B Ranch and Horse Motel - Ranch Riding - Bridge To 5 Acre Exercise Area

“Ranch Riding – Bridge To 5 Acre Exercise Area”

When the resident horses are rotated from one pasture complex to another, the now-empty pastures (which range from 8 acres in the south complex to 12 acres in the north area) will normally have their gates opened and are thus available for riding activities. In addition, there is an open 5 acre field across the creek (accessed via a top-quality concrete bridge complete with side rails) in which the grass dressage arena, the 70 foot wooden round pen, and other horse training aids (including a Cowboy Mounted Shooting course!) are permanently set up for riders. There is hot water available at the guest barn for washing down your horses after a ride.