Horse Motel Basic Information

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Flying B Ranch Guest Barn

“Flying B Ranch – Guest Barn”

Flying B Ranch offers overnight accommodations for travelers with horses in our dedicated and renovated guest barn (ten 12×12 stalls with rubber mat flooring. Each stall comes equipped with feed and water buckets, and a mounted fan to keep your horses comfortable in warm weather). We also have several large (70′ by 180′) paddock areas, most with trees, all with water, adjacent to the guest barn that can accommodate up to three horses each. For the barn stalls, the Ranch provides good quality bedding material on your arrival, and one additional bedding each additional night (more can be purchased from the ranch).  Individual horse owners are required to clean their stalls daily, and just before their departure.

Adjacent to the guest barn are Six individual RV sites that are COMPLETE with good quality water access through our guest house Culligan Water System, electric hookups (both 30 and 50 amp service outlets are available), and direct sewer access.  The ranch facilities are accessed down a well-marked and well-maintained private gravel road. This places the guest barn and RV spots more than a half mile from the nearest public blacktop road, which makes the Flying B Ranch a very quiet overnight stop for travelers looking to get some needed rest, or for longer-term visitors looking for that ideal quiet spot for spending their vacation time.  The ranch is easily accessible for even the biggest truck/trailer/RV rigs – see the Endorsement regarding the Budweiser Clydesdales and the Wells Fargo Stagecoach Team!